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How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

How to Create the Perfect Home Gym … Let’s face it, everyone wants to stay in shape, but today most of us do not have the blessing of the luxury of time to go to the gym every day. However, keeping fit and building muscle does not require being in a gym, so you can take the gym from the comfort of your home. Today we are going to talk about creating the best gym for the home.

Keep it simple:

I have seen many people try to create the best home gym trying to buy expensive equipment and machines that do not necessarily need to. The best home gym is not determined by the amount of sophisticated and expensive equipment, but it is determined by the utility and feasibility of the equipment you get. No need to spend money on expensive treadmills to maintain your cardiovascular health when you can do a brisk walk in the morning or at any time of the day, which is not only good for your cardiovascular health, but also very therapeutic. So, let’s talk about the equipment you will need for your own gym at home.

Rubber mat or platform:

Before you start buying weight and weight, enjoy and buy a rubber or other solid platform mat and spread in the room or in different rooms of the room plan to keep the weight. This will prevent damage to your floor with all that weight and also help reduce the noise.


Powerful rack power will be the center of your home gym. A power rack is not only functional net for a wide variety of lifts, but also its safety for large compound movements like squats, bench, etc. If you make a mistake in height or the weight is too high for you, the pins will serve savior. On the electric racks, a wide variety of products that can be found on the market.
a) strong enough to support all the load will be applied. and;
b) It comes with good accessories such as a bath bar, rod extraction, etc.


Many exercises require you to lie like a bench press or feel like a military press. For these exercises, you will need a bank to run them properly and safely. When buying a bank, be sure to find one that has interchangeable angles that can change depending on the exercise instead of buying a separate flat and bank separately.

Barbell, dumbbell weights, and dishes:

All of this is usually easy to find. I leave you a little secret, instead of buying new clothes for a higher price, you can find preferential prices for almost half the cost.

For the weight, they do not get stuck in different types of bars, like a hex bar, bar tree, etc. Just bought a standard bar that can be used to hit small muscle groups like the biceps and an Olympic bar used for heavy loads and compounds such as dead weight, bench press, and squats. However, make sure they are of good quality and are able to support the weight without bending or splitting in half.

As for weight, rather than buying fixed weight dumbbells, buy two empty dumbbells purchased separately. It may take some effort to change the weights after each set but will help keep the gym in your home affordable.

And for weight plates, you can buy new or pre-loaded. The price per pound varies from place to place, but buying pre-loaded plates will definitely be the cheapest option. If you are a beginner, I suggest you buy lighter weight plates to start your journey and continue to add weight as you progress and become stronger.


There it’s done. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, this parameter is enough to start or continue their journey through the iron paradise.

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