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You Can Use LinkedIn For Business It Works Much


You probably have a few connections on Linkedin, maybe 20 or so, and you are likely a member of a group, and you think you have your LinkedIn Profile complete and linked to Twitter, but beyond that, it’s a confounding site that doesn’t seem terribly relevant. Am I right?

You don’t give it much importance because it has no options for schedule posting, getting unfriend notifications, and much more than others social networks have.

You probably think LinkedIn is really for companies, not those of us who work from home, who are still professional (i.e. we make money) but we work alone, and often, if we’re honest, in our pajamas. (Or in my case, a swimsuit, it gets that hot in North Florida!)

You know that LinkedIn is important, but you’ve never done anything with it.

Don’t You Have To Be In A Big Company For LinkedIn To Be Worth The Time?


Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO, says he intends Linkedin to be the “21st-century version of a little black book no recruiter can live without”. Linkedin is dedicated to selling services to “people who buy talent for a living.”

All this sounds very corporate. Yes. But think about it: if every professional, like you, in every field imaginable, is listed in a little black book of talents, skills, experience, and expertise … don’t you want to be included?

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If you knew that, according to one client of mine told me he was recently on a conference call when an unexpected participant said their name. Suddenly, there was audible clicking as others on the call quickly looked that person up on LinkedIn.

We’ve now reached the point where NOT being on LinkedIn can be considered a professional handicap – almost as if you don’t consider yourself a professional at all. Or you’re behind the curve… or for some reason, you are unwilling to put yourself out there in public view. in today’s business world, that makes one look small and as if you have something to hide. Or worse, you are not proud of what your value is to the marketplace.

Start With Groups And Company Pages

Taken in simple bit sized pieces, you can amp up the value of your time on LinkedIn considerably.  Let’s just focus on Groups – how you can meet and interact with people on topics you have expertise in – and Company Pages – where you can do some quite extraordinary things now.

This is easy. Take a look at some of these benefits:

  •  Linkedin Business Tips 1, 339,680 groups – That’s more than there residents in San Diego or Houston!  In and among that lot you can find one that fits you, I am sure. Some groups are vital, active and full of good value; some are slow and have little participation.  Learn how to pick and choose which ones will fit your business lifestyle.
  • Linkedin Business Tips Mature network – LinkedIn is not some here today, gone tomorrow social frippery. It’s been online since 2003 and grows at 2 new members per second. Roughly 161 million at last count; 57 million in the US.
  • Linkedin Business TipsFocused audience – Without the distractions of games, memes, and photos that clog up the other networks, LinkedIn gives users a place to conduct business without all the nonsense – saving you valuable time.

However, there are ways you can add images to your company page – in the products and services section.  You can make your image plenty visual with banners and videos!

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So you see LinkedIn is different from other networking opportunities out there. You won’t be competing to be heard among the noise, and best of all, you’ll be surrounded by others whose goals closely match yours: more business, more profits, more opportunities for growth.

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